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Global Security & Safeguard – safety of patient data

The critical nature of our business – the handling of vital information – demands that we be both conscientious and diligent in our adherence to compliance directives. Moreover, we have never looked at compliance as a deterrent to work, but as a reminder to act responsibly towards our customers, staff, environment, and shareholders. That is why we follow a multi-pronged, layered approach to safety and compliance.

The move to electronic health records has extensive benefits that are well known in the industry. But it also exposes healthcare facilities to a new set of risks that were unheard of earlier. It needs a secure storage and transmission infrastructure to ensure patient data does not get in the wrong hands. Understanding the risks involved, the U.S. healthcare industry has ratified a comprehensive set of standards and regulations to ensure safe and secure use of electronic records across the global healthcare value chain..

AQuity Solutions goes out of its way to comply with all relevant standards of securing data. We follow a multi-pronged, layered approach to safety and compliance. Our premises have controlled access, so do all elements of our IT infrastructure including workstations. We use multiple authentication techniques, including biometric fingerprinting, to ensure conditional access to and within our premises and to our production workstations as well. This allows us to extend audit trails to not just our workstations but to our physical environment too.

Access to our workstations are predefined and tightly controlled, as are the applications and hardware that any workstation can access. We use industry standard security software to protect workstations, and have so far never been affected by any malicious incidents. Ordinary workstations do not have unrestricted access to any public domain networks, thereby preventing pilferage of any data.

Our human resource policies also play a big part in keeping our customers’ data safe and secure. Beyond compliance, we also perform extensive background checks (education, criminal, experience) on all prospective global employees. Most companies shy away from doing this because of the operational and financial overheads. But this is a mandatory procedure at AQuity Solutions India since we believe the first step to security is to entrust work to the right people.

Sensitizing our workforce to the needs of our customers is a high priority at AQuity Solutions. Our entire staff is trained annually on the HITECH Act, HIPAA and PHI, and our internal compliance policies.

We encrypt all classes of data (data in use, data in motion, data at rest and data disposed), and automatically purge records in irrecoverable ways once it reaches its end of life. In fact, we also use U.S. Department of Defense standards (US DoD 5220.22-M) compliant software while decommissioning all our storage media.

Security and compliance extend to our data redundancy, and disaster recovery plans too, ensuring our security checks remain in place even in the event of a disaster.

Our stringent security rules and religious application of security procedures and audits, using internal compliance officials at each center and including third-party compliance audits has been the driving force behind the enormous trust our customers place in us. We have never faced any incidents of data theft or other lesser violation in our entire period of existence. Maintaining such consistency is an impressive track record even for a healthcare documentation service provider in the US.

All of these controls are covered under our Standards & Safeguards (S&S) Policy for all AQuity Solutions facilities globally. AQuity Solutions has a track record of quality and consistency throughout the world and is a healthcare documentation service provider you can trust with your data and that of your patients.

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