Library set up in four schools in Mumbai Thumbnail

Library set up in four schools in Mumbai

Location: Mumbai

Today, we all are in a high-tech, information-driven world and this progression of technology has made information accessible with a click of a finger. But can these gadgets really outshine the benefits of a library for students? So with a motto to “Encourage Reading Culture” Aquity Solutions is endorsing a saying in Marathi Language “वाचाल तर वाचाल” meaning “You will Thrive if you Read”. We believe that a library full of books can bridge the gap between a child’s interest in learning and the information they learn in school curriculum. So it’s time we spread awareness about the importance of visiting the School Library!!

AQuity Solutions is happy to announce, setting up Libraries in four Schools of Mumbai Suburb as part of its #CSR initiative. Through these Libraries underprivileged students will get access to a wide range of books and resources essential for reference, knowledge, learning, and entertainment.

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