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Everything you need to know about Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription, as the name itself suggests, is transcribing medical jargon into text to be presented as a patient document for insurance. Medical Transcription, in short MT, industry flourished around the 1990s. During the nascent stage of ITES, i.e., IT enabled services, MT industry started gaining traction.

A career in the medical transcription industry is a rewarding occupation, provided you are passionate about what you are doing.  Being a Medical Transcriptionist involves listening to audio files dictated by health care providers such as doctors & nurses and converting them into medical documents. If you have good hearing, grammar, and spelling skills, THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!!!

As the word says it all, remote medical transcription is a work-from-home opportunity, that helps in meeting the required quality standards and targets with good flexibility of working hours. This career also gives a job satisfaction of serving in the medical field. There are many unequivocal things to describe about the MT industry which helps attract a lot of talented folks towards it from many walks of life wherein all that is required is a good knowledge of English language along with the desire to assimilate new medical jargon.

The phrase “write your own paycheck” is apt for this profession. Work from the convenience and comfort of your home, taking care of family responsibilities as well as maintaining a healthy work-life balance or sitting on a beach or in a jungle are some perks reserved for the MT tribe. It also provides a host of other benefits of working as part of a team, which is more like a family.

Team Spirit: This is the major value learnt from this industry. If any MT in any team/group/business needs help in their course of work, the entire organization is ready to pitch in to help the team meet the team objectives.

Quality: It endeavours to deliver an error-free document to the customer, as anything less than 100% accurate is inadmissible. Exceeding customer satisfaction is the only intent of the organizations.

Confidentiality of Patient: A lot of time, money, and energy has been spent in ensuring that the confidentiality of the patient is preserved through of time-tested policies and newer technologies for confidential data management.

Continuous Learning: Each day is a new learning. The learning curve is very exciting and keeps the medical transcriptionists on their toes. The job is very interesting and is never monotonous which keeps the enthusiasm high. Sometimes in which companies work with innovative technological advances in medicine.

High Standard Facilities: The industry provides high standard infrastructure, exciting perks, handsome salary, high incentives, flexible shift timings, good editing tools, updated software, and backed by robust company policies.  

Knowledge Sessions and Training: Periodically conducted training sessions help MTs scale up and grow up the ladder. Medical transcriptionists are given on-the-job training before onboarding them to production, thereby ensuring high quality standards. 

With all these power-packed features, medical transcription industry is lucrative at any point of time and an excellent opportunity to grow professionally and personally.

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