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Aquity Solutions has been one of the largest transcription services providers in the world for decades. Now with over 7,000 US-based and global health data specialists, we convert more than 300 million minutes of dictation each year into clear and accurate clinical documentation. There’s a reason we’ve been delivering smarter clinical documentation for over 40 years, and that’s our unparalleled quality and attention to detail.

Our cost competitive transcription services are backed by technology-enabled quality checks and an endless loop of feedback to our health data specialists. Aquity clients can constantly monitor transcription influenced key performance indicators that support the health of their healthcare business through our unique reporting and workflow analytics views. That’s how we ensure top value for all clinical documentation services.

Quality support and customer service are the difference between Aquity and other transcription service providers. We truly operate as a seamless and effective extension of your department through a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager and automated reporting for unparalleled process visibility. Together, they deliver workflow control, cost, quality and turnaround time results that are the best in the business, as confirmed by the independent market research teams at KLAS and Black Book. Contact us today to learn more.


Aquity’s game changing mix of technology and services ensures complete and accurate transcription with fewer human resources. We improve the productivity and quality of your documentation process with the help of our highly trained healthcare documentation specialists and flexible physician tools to meet the varying workflow needs of your staff, all backed by a transcription platform powered by award winning speech understanding and natural language understanding technologies.


Aquity’s coding services are designed to function as a true partner with each client. Relationship expectations are precisely detailed in customized Service Level Agreements SLAs intended to ensure clear understandings of how we will work together and how we share the risk for the results. Regardless of the size of the engagement, a full leadership team is assigned, including a responsible coding manager, senior manager, audit manager, and client development manager, all dedicated to keep the lines of communications open and maximize the value of our services beyond simple production outsourcing.

Smarter People

Our highly skilled team of healthcare documentation specialists are supported in their professional development like no other transcription team. Between active participation in AHDI related education opportunities, constant quality assurance feedback, and career development focused executive support, our team is simply the best in the business, and are perennially rated as tops in the industry by KLAS and Black Book.

Smarter Process

Our 40+ years of experience is supported by an ISO certified quality assurance process and award-winning technology-enabled tools, such as Quality Rule Checks (dangerous abbreviations, gender mismatch, etc.), for timely feedback and quality reporting to ensure the highest standards of clinical documentation.

Smarter Technology

Aquity utilizes the award-winning Fluency line of transcription processing, speech understanding, and natural language understanding tool set as the foundation of our service delivery. Our exceptionally secure platform, validated with SOC II third-party annual security audits, delivers industry leading uptime performance and overall peace of mind, just as you should expect.

Optimum Turnaround Times

Accurate and timely medical transcription is critical to the quality of healthcare delivery, as well as reimbursement. Our transcription services consistently over-perform on turnaround time thanks to a dedicated workflow monitoring team, prioritization of work types, and technology-enabled back-end speech recognition workflows.


Aquity transcription services are supported by the award-winning Fluency for Transcription™ line of dictation and transcription technology. Our platform can be made available with onsite servers or hosted on the cloud through redundant data centers that are independently audited annually (SOC II-type audit) for security compliance that far surpasses HIPAA requirements. We recognize that your clinical documentation is the lifeblood of your organization’s ongoing patient care and financial performance business performance. To protect that investment, Aquity uses the smartest tools available for your peace of mind.


Fluency offers flexible work environment or mobile dictation options that enable physician to balance self-edit and transcription choices with embedded Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD). This flexibility delivers smarter documentation that incorporates quality-focused productivity features that ensure any labor source can produce quality documentation that truly contributes to improved patient care.

Aquity offers a variety of transcription-enabled dictation tools that fit a wide range of workflows: telephony-, browser- and desktop-based applications, and even mobile apps for both iOS and Android™. Supported by our unique Speech Understanding platform and a single profile architecture, these tools are built for maximum flexibility for dictation, review and editing.


We make dictating, reviewing, editing and signing clinical documents simple with physician-friendly iOS and Android-based mobile apps. With features like daily schedule and front-end dictation, these apps help physicians better fit documentation tasks into their busy days.

Telephony-Based Voice Capture

Traditional telephony-based dictation via our 800# service or local dictation system with optional PC-based dictate-only options allow facilities to choose the right configuration for their departmental and enterprise needs.

Workflow Management

Our transcription services are designed to support HIM workflows originating from any device, in any state of completeness, from both internal and external sources. Fluency technologies are an excellent fit for acute care facilities and ambulatory groups. We help you adapt to EHRs and leverage the value of the physicians’ narrative.


Quality-Focused Productivity

Quality Rule Checks ensure common errors are caught before transcriptionist complete the document.


Closed-Loop Quality Management

Quality assurance tools ensure full-circle QA feedback to the Health Documentation Specialists for continuous quality improvement.

Inline Research

Transcriptionists can perform quick word lookups with the ability to display the definition from within their editing screen.


Back-End Speech Recognition

Significantly improve your transcription group’s capacity to keep up with the backlog or take on new work.


Dedicated Team

Customers frequently reference the value of our employees as the difference in an effective transition and ongoing services. We bring in people with proven experience serving hospitals, clinics, radiology departments, and other care settings of all sizes. The Customer Relationship Manager dedicated to your organization will be carefully selected from our ranks based on parallel experience. Supported by our dedicated IT staff and responsive leadership organization, Aquity will be there to hold your hand every step of the way.


As one of the largest and most experienced health information management outsourced services providers, we have been delivering coding services for decades. Our 7,000 strong US-based and global production team supports the full range of client types and case mixes, from large multi-campus IDNs and university health systems to small community hospitals and physician practices. There’s a reason we’re known for delivering improved financial outcomes, and that’s our unparalleled quality and attention to detail.

Data-Driven Improvements

Aquity’s easy to understand reporting and analytics lets you access workflow process metrics and performance data to track the operational productivity of our team as well as the financial impact that their performance has on your business. To achieve optimum results, we utilize automated data capture and workforce management tools to intelligently drive coding quality and workforce productivity – leveraging machine learning and natural language understanding to continuously improve quality and productivity.

Proven Methodology

Our systematic approach promotes consistent, high-quality coding department results using technology-enabled quality checks and feedback combined with proven continuous quality improvement methods (ISO, Lean, Six Sigma). Trained auditors and weekly service performance evaluations and discussions ensure optimum results.

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