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Seven reasons to become a Medical Coder

Medical coding and billing being the key factors in the smooth functioning of revenue cycle management in the US health care sector, there is high demand for skilled medical coders as health care is constantly evolving. As everyone is aware that health care nowadays is more than just Doctors and nurses treating the patients. Medical coders play a vital role in benefitting the Doctors and the patients via accurate coding. A piece of strong knowledge in medical coding can be acquired through proper training. Being updated with the industry updates, new procedures, and experienced coders can build their competency and shine in the medical coding field.

If you are a science graduate and wanted to acquire a position in medical coding, but are still doubtful, here are a few reasons to motivate your journey in medical coding.

1. Working as a Medical coder is challenging and rewarding

The medical coder job provides a sense of satisfaction as the coder plays a vital role in keeping costs down, identifying any medical mistakes & ensuring the patients’ medical histories are recorded in an organized manner. Once, you gain considerable experience in this field, you will know how the body works, what signs and symptoms it exhibits, and what can be the probable causes. This is a very valuable study as it may save someone’s life in an emergency.

2. Proactive coding can save time

Even though Medical coders do not participate indirect patient care, the contribution is high as a clerical specialist. Incorrect coding results in billing errors which can lead to failure in insurance coverage and delays in reimbursement. Hence, proactive coding will ease the reimbursement process.

3. Medical coding career can be started in just a few months

To become a medical coder, one must undergo a quick training program to learn the basics of medical coding which includes a sound knowledge in the anatomy & physiology of the human body along with the basics of code assignment using the ICD-10 CM, CPT codes, and HCPCC codes. Once the coder has the required skill set, he/she can become a certified coder in less than a year.

4. Medical coding jobs are abundant

With the growing health care demands across the US, there are huge opportunities across organizations as a medical coder in a wide range of specialties. A coder with knowledge in coding multiple specialties is in high demand in the market and is also well paid based on the specialization. This field in itself is a very diverse field having multiple different specialties to choose from like emergency medicine, cardiology, gastroenterology, obstetrics, injuries, neoplasms, neuropsychiatry, etc.

5. There are increased chances of upward mobility in medical coding

In this fast-growing world, everyone looks out for an opportunity to grow on the ladder, and medical coding will be a correct fit for aspiring youth with skillsets. A trained coder will be initially working in the production team and once he acquires a sound knowledge in the subject, there are high chances of becoming an auditor or a trainer.

6. Medical coder shifts are flexible and can work from across the country

Hospitals and other health care centers working 24/7, there is always a demand for a variety of work schedules. Night owls, morning person or a 9 to 5 job, medical coding jobs can fit into any of the schedules. When people think of changing a career or  looking out for a new company, they’re often concerned whether they will get a job as per their convenient location. Medical coders get a job across the country with  such new companies and there are chances to work in health care settings such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes & medical laboratories in the United States of America.

7. Medical coding is a suitable job for women

Women can work comfortably as medical coders as it is a desk job with fixed working hours. Also, women are good at managing and organizing things at this is what medical coding is.


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