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Medico-Legal – The Importance of Good Records for Better Claim

Precise records – an inevitable requirement of our medico-legal business partners to authenticate the veracity of a comprehensive claim.  In any discipline, records sorted out to perfection certainly can make anyone’s life much easier and simpler.  When the arena is healthcare involving legal claims, undoubtedly, everyone wishes to have accurate records in their possession.  Tiniest of detail not reaching the right personnel on time does have a cascading effect in a multifaceted claim process.  Without a doubt, the patient is not the only one who would like to have records in good order.  Additionally, the involved parties include legal firms, insurance agencies, state authorities, and many more. A set of accurately compiled records on everyone’s table would make every day their day.

Over the years, record keeping has evolved and now has come a very long way.  Now, everyone wants it the electronic way for a multitude of benefits in the order of lucid portrayal, concurrence in sharing without compromising on crucial confidentiality, and zero aberration in terms of accuracy.  As a result, the question now is not the way the records need to be handled.  The industry has already set benchmarks electronically, but it is now all about refining and redefining the set benchmarks.  With the tolerance margins having almost disappeared in a competitive marketplace, the market players strive to satisfy the customer in every way possible.  The term ‘every way’, can be looked upon quite literal here. This includes addressing client-specific demands, time taken to generate a customer-ready record, and faultless compilation.  In such a competitive field, it is needless to say, this industry is customer-centric, and it indeed gives power to the customer.

We at AQuity have nurtured a team of steadfast professionals who have been delivering exactly this, of course with conviviality and pride.  Whereas while catering to the needs of our customers especially independent medical examiners has given us tremendous acquaintance over years, we do embrace the spirit of learning every single day – the reason why we attract more business with very few billboards.

The Machine We Built

DocPrep, the records synthesizer we at AQuity have indigenously developed is state-of-the-art when it comes to record-keeping.  This was not developed overnight, rather refined with iterations and conditions that the industry had ever come across and probably ever will.  Just to reiterate, the requirements were meticulously studied, and data of an astonishing scale was fed to develop such a cognizant craft.

With extensive testing and training, today the platform has progressively evolved to process pages in the order of millions with seamless determination.  Still, our development team is striving to chisel out a better version from the best.  To sum up the tool, it is just unleashed and will undoubtedly make heads turn.

Records Executive – More than a Title

For a records executive, the report is not just a record, it means much more.  We don’t go through the lines, we read between the lines.  Just not reading a record, we study it.  We don’t stop there, we interpret it.  By the end of processing a file, our executives will not only be able to compile the records of the given claimant but also be able to identify a record of an incorrect claimant even with similar patient identifiers.

An executive does not get to this level without acquiring sufficient armaments. This includes an extensive and sophisticated training process that is time-tested and seamless, in-depth orientation towards client’s requirements, and an organizational framework with the capability to track individual performance on an infinitesimal scale. 

Records Management at AQuity

AQuity thus possesses indigenous state-of-the-art tools and the skilled expertise that has mastered it over years.  With this blend, we enjoy the ability and insight to handle a record of any type and extent.  Incisively, we handle everything from sorting a simple intake form to producing a refined billing document. Further, this extends to generating a summary of complex medical records. The all-inclusive product thus delivered stands unmatched in easing out the medico-legal document management.  We have just not set the benchmark, subtly we are enduring it. Our products thrive to protect the integrity of all stakeholders involved – our direct customers, legal firms, reviewing physicians, patients, state agencies, etc.

Our unparalleled services benefit a variety of customers across the US and Australia handling diverse layers of claims; automotive, disability, liability, and workers’ compensation claims, to name a few. Attention to detail is our promise – We do not deliver a standard product across continents, rather we are strongly poised towards catering to your specific needs to help you stay ahead. With happy customers increasing every passing day and with more in the pipeline, we consider this as a testimony to the incomparable services we are continuing to render in the medico-legal domain.

Humbly, we take pride to be an integral part of a seamless claim review process and much more...! 

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